Hi!  I am EJ, the owner of Vegtabowl Foods, Where Vegetarians Eat Good Too!  Thank you for tuning in to “Cooking with Vegtabowl Foods.”  Today is special because we are not going to do ANY cooking.  In fact, today we are kicking off The Vegtabowl Foods 28 Day Smoothie Challenge and I would love for you to join me.  This 28 Day Smoothie Challenge is about eating more fresh fruits, veggies, and plant-based proteins.  


A lot of us (me included) started the new year with a lot of goals; start a new business, volunteer and serve others, or even get organized.  We even may have slipped in their a goal or two that improved our health; lose or maintain your weight, reduce your meat consumption, eliminate dairy or exercise more.  If your health and wellness goals are a mere memory, let’s get back on track with the 28 Day Smoothie Challenge.  


Smoothies are a great way to eat cleaner, get a ton of fiber, and get the daily recommended values of fruits and vegetables.  All of the smoothies over the next 28 days will be plant-based and dairy-free.  You can also visit Vegtabowlfoods.com to claim a free “Veg Out” Cookbook that is loaded with plant-based recipes that would be great to whip up to support your 28 Day Smoothie Challenge.  


Preparing Your Ingredients


Ginger Root:  Buy a large ginger root from a specialty international food store, like an Asian Market or Indian Market.  It is cheaper and the roots are larger, making the root easy to work with.  Using a peeler, peel the skin from the ginger root, cut into chunks, and wrap in a wet paper towel and wrap in a sandwich bag and place in the fridge.


Cucumber:  Wash your cucumber and cut the cucumber in half (horizontally).  Peel half of the cucumber using a peeler.  Cut the peeled cucumber in half (length wise) and then cut in slices.   The slices should look like “half-moons.” Place the sliced cucumbers in a sandwich bag and place in the freezer.


Parsley:  Wash the parsley and pull off a bunch of parsley leaves.  You don’t need much, as there is only one smoothie recipe that uses parsley.  Place the bunches in a wet paper towel, wrap and place the paper towel full of parsley in a sandwich bag and place in the fridge.


Lemons:  Cut the lemons in halves and place in place the lemon halves in plastic sandwich bags and place in the fridge.


Bananas:  A lot of the smoothies during the 28 Day Smoothie Challenge.  I mean bunches of bunches of Bananas.  Peel the bananas and slice in each banana into 4 large chunks.  Place 4 chunks of bananas in each plastic sandwich bag.  You will know that 4 chunks equals 1 banana.  Please the banana bags in the freezer.


If you are using fresh fruit to freeze for your smoothies, make sure you slice and cut all of your fruits.    


Frozen Fruits


Peaches & Strawberries:  If you can find sliced frozen strawberries, roll with these.  The smaller the frozen fruit the better.


Mango & Pineapple Chunks:  Chunks are good sizes for frozen fruit.   With using smaller sizes of fruits, this will help make the smoothie have a better consistency, and the blender will not have to work as hard and the smoothie will blend quicker.


Plant-Based & Dairy-Free Protein Powders



Green Detoxifying Powders



VTB and the vegetarian and vegan community would love to hear from you!  Are you excited about the 28 Smoothie Day Challenge? Will you get a group of friends to join you on the 28 Day Smoothie Challenge?”   Join the conversation and share your story by entering your comments below, on Facebook, or by using #VTBSmoothieChallenge on Twitter.  


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Thank you for joining me today for another episode of Cooking with Vegtabowl Foods.  Thank you and Take care!

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