Who we are


Our mission is to create, serve, market, and deliver, delicious and wholesome vegetarian and vegan comfort foods that nourish the soul and taste delicious.

Pharetra augue dapibus

Over 25 years in the farming industry


Because trying to figure it out on your own is not fun. And really, you shouldn’t have to. Especially with us here to help you out. We truly care about helping you live a fulfilling and exciting (yes, exciting) vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Through our weekly videos, food products, contests, and webinars, you’ll be exposed to a different side of living meat-free and meet some cool people along the way!


We truly enjoyed seeing people lick their plates and look confused as we told them that what they had just devoured was “FREE” of all animal products. Even when we are at the RVA South of James Farmers Market on Saturdays, we enjoy giving our samples and watching the expressions and pure joy spread across peoples faces when they begin to realize that because they either had to give up meat or chose to give up meat, that they don’t have to sacrifice flava’ and satisfaction.


Veg-Ta-Bowl frozen foods fits very nicely in to your busy schedule. Our foods are super easy to prepare. Once you receive your Veg-Ta-Bowl foods, all you do is pop your food in the oven or cook on the stove top, and you have a delicious vegetarian meal that you will be proud to serve your family. We offer single and family sized portions that are carefully packaged in convenient containers. Our family sized portions are perfect for families of all sizes and the best part is, the portions are generous, so you can have left-overs to take for lunch or have for dinner the next night (“left-over disclaimer” – Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods are very tasty so you may not have any left-overs.)


Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods uses quality vegetables, grains, legumes, and other plant-based ingredients when making our foods. We know that when you prepare meals for your family that you would use only the finest ingredients so we wouldn’t expect you to settle for less than the best when enjoying Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods. We use local produce and organic ingredients when available and best of all our foods are meat-free which makes them animal-cruelty free!

We Haven’t Served BILLIONS (Yet)…But We Are Here To Serve You…

Vegtabowl Foods is here to serve you great tasting, hearty, and comfort style vegetarian meals that will help you easily prepare plant based foods for you and your family to enjoy. You probably secretly wish you had 28 hours in a day, to do all of things you truly love. Like dance, read, take up fencing, love on your kids or just sit down at the same table with your family enjoying a great meal while hearing about your child’s field trip excursion or sharing with your friend why you almost walked out of your staff meeting today.

The truth is you only have 24 hours in a day & while you would love to be able to magically add another 4 hours to your day, you can’t. But what we will do is help you SAVE more time by sharing with you vegetarian meals that only take 20 minutes to reheat, serve, and enjoy instead of being in the kitchen cooking for an hour (if you are lucky). We can help you get back your 40 minutes of cook time that you can then give back to yourself or your family.

Organic and freshly picked


Deliciously fresh


It Takes A Village

Every quarter YOU determine which organizations receives a portion of Veg-Ta-Bowl profits. Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods will make a donation every 3 months to a non-organization that either:

  • Fights Hunger
  • Cracks Down On Animal-Cruelty
  • Supports Animal Rights
  • Supports Thriving Small Businesses
  • Spreads The Word of Vegetarianism

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