Our Story

Where it first started

Mission and Values


Our mission is to create, serve, market, and deliver, delicious and wholesome vegetarian and vegan comfort foods that nourish the soul and taste delicious. In obtaining our mission we have established the following goals:

  • Invest In Our Community
  • Meet The Growing Demand For Tasty Vegetarian Food
  • Provide Delicious Dairy-Free and Egg-Free Food Alternatives


  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Embracing Diversity and Differences
  • Cultivating A Sense Of Community & Family


Ready To Serve Your Family At Meal Time…

Vegetarian owner Ebony and Flexitarian owner Harry were both frustrated vegetarians who found it difficult to find easy to prepare food that were BOTH delicious and hearty. Sure, they could go to the frozen food aisle of their local specialty food market and pick up a handful of meatless food sides and entrees, but these food options never quite hit the spot. Either the foods were very healthy, but still had the taste buds screaming for some flava’. Or, the food was delicious but was attached to a high price tag.

So, off to the kitchen Ebony went. In 2010, she began experimenting with some of her favorite comfort food recipes and converting popular meat based dishes to vegetarian friendly meals. With plenty of “taste testers” volunteering to try Ebony’s latest creation, she and Harry continued to improve and perfect their recipes and in 2011, Vegtabowl Foods (where vegetarians eat good too) was created. All Vegtabowl Food products are cooked-up in RVA (Richmond, VA) and are shipped directly to your home for you and your family to enjoy.  If you are in the Central VA area, come say hello to us at the Grow RVA Farmers Markets on Saturdays.

We are a vegetarian and vegan LOVE FILLED food company that is all about helping families connect over delicious vegetarian foods and desserts, WITHOUT all of the fuss in the kitchen and time at the grocery stores.  We offer our vegetarian foods in family sizes.  Let’s face it, families today are more blended and diverse than ever.  And we’re not just talking about age, race, and ethnicity diversity.  We are talking about more and more families that have become dietarily diverse.

What is Dietarily Diverse?

It’s a phrase we made up to describe what was going on in our crazy house 🙂  We describe dietarily diverse as a family that consists of multiple dietary restrictions or diets.  Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You are a married couple and one of you is a vegetarian and the other still eats meat
  • You are a family of four and there is one vegan in ‘da house
  • Your grown college kids are vegetarian and you eat meat, but when they come home from college breaks, they expect you to have some vegetarian food in the fridge
  • Your children are vegetarians and you still eat chicken and fish
  • You and your entire family eats vegetarian food 2 to 3 times a week
  • Everyone in your house is a vegetarian


We Haven’t Served BILLIONS (Yet)…But We Are Here To Serve You…

Vegtabowl Foods is here to serve you great tasting, hearty, and comfort style vegetarian meals that will help you easily prepare plant based foods for you and your family to enjoy.  You probably secretly wish you had 28 hours in a day, to do all of things you truly love.  Like dance, read, take up fencing, love on your kids or just sit down at the same table with your family enjoying a great meal while hearing about your child’s field trip excursion or sharing with your friend why you almost walked out of your staff meeting today.

The truth is you only have 24 hours in a day & while you would love to be able to magically add another 4 hours to your day, you can’t.  But what we will do is help you SAVE more time by sharing with you vegetarian meals that only take 20 minutes to reheat, serve, and enjoy instead of being in the kitchen cooking for an hour (if you are lucky).  We can help you get back your 40 minutes of cook time that you can then give back to yourself or your family.

I Don’t Even Know A Thing About This Vegtabowl Foods?   Is Vegtabowl Foods Right for Me?

We think that everyone would enjoy Vegtabowl Foods but if you are still trying to figure out if a delicious bowl of savory Moroccan Mixed Vegetables with exotic spices, sweet raisins, and fresh vegetables or southwestern inspired White Bean Chixen Chili with creamy white beans,plant-based protein, and fresh veggies is right for you, let us help you out a little bit.

Vegtabowl Foods is Right for You If You Are…

  • A frantically busy vegetarian who tends to grab carb loaded not so great foods but would much rather eat something a little tastier WITHOUT all of the prep and cook time
  • Sick and tired of paying $8.00 for 8 ounces of prepared vegetarian and vegan meals from your local speciality store
  • Trying to eliminate or reduce meat from your diet because your doctor told you too…and you are not that excited about it
  • A flexitarian who enjoys great food and likes eating really good vegetarian or vegan food a couple of times a week
  • A “foodie” who doesn’t hate or discriminate against any food and is always down to try something fresh and new
  • Downright curious about eating vegetarian and vegan food and you are ready to explore
  • A member of a dietarily diverse family & it is challenging to fix one meal that the entire family can enjoy

Because Eating Food Without Meat Is Important To You…But Flavor Is Too!

You love great tasting food?  Who doesn’t?  That’s why Vegtabowl Foods thinks you shouldn’t have to sacrifice bold flavors, savory sensations, and stick to your ribs goodness, just because you choose to eat vegetarian or vegan food.  You know that eating a plant based diet is good for you and you even know that you are playing a big part in saving our planet.  But what you can’t seem to figure out is how to get some vegetarian and vegan food that doesn’t suffer from the dreaded “Triple B” Syndrome?   What’s that you ask?  “Boring-Bland-Boy I Shouldn’t Have Eaten That” Syndrome.  It is very common and sadly, we have all experienced “Triple B” Syndrome in one way or another.  Here, at Vegtabowl Foods, it is our pleasure to put just as much spice, flavor, seasoning and love in each small batch and handmade meal that we craft in our vegetarian kitchen that will leave you satisfied and wanting seconds.

About Ebony & Harry

What’s Up!  We are Ebony & Harry…The Owners of Vegtabowl Foods!

We absolutely love cooking our vegetarian and vegan comfort style foods for you and your family, probably just as much as we love indulging in our own creations and our favorite junk foods.  We met about 16 years ago and have been best friends ever since.  We married each other in 2006 and it has been one adventure after another.  We call ourselves the Commissioner of Fun and the Commissioner of Business because of our polar opposite personalities.  Both of us grew-up in Northern, VA and consider RVA (Richmond, VA) home. Over the past 10 years, we have had the blessing of living in different parts of Virginia and even in Greenville, SC for a couple of years.

Harry is a (dare I say…) Washington Redskins Fan (better luck next year boys) and Ebony is an Atlanta Falcons Fan.  Our house gets pretty crazy around the house on Sundays, especially since we play in the same Fantasy Football League and play each other at least once in the season.

We let our passion drive our vegetarian & vegan journey so that we can help others along theirs.

Along our own personal journey, we began exploring our passion for helping others along their vegetarian & vegan journey.  In Lynchburg, VA we began with our “Beyond the Garden” Vegetarian Cooking Show that aired online and locally on a public access channel.  We really loved sharing our recipes with the world (or anyone who was willing to take a look 🙂
Our love of sharing our recipes grew to wanting everyone to experience what we were cookin’ up in our kitchen.  We love entertaining and hosting.  Whenever we have a chance to cook a large meal, have people over and eat until they fall asleep, we jump at the chance.  We started making comfort foods that were vegetarian and vegan and serving them to our friends.  The first item we made to hit the scene was the White Bean Chili.  People couldn’t believe it was meat free.  We got special requests every time we had a party.  We hosted a baby shower for one of our good friends and we served a big pot of Moroccan Mixed Vegetables with Rice and everyone loved it.

A face full of smiles and a belly full of yummy goodness is why we do what we do!

We truly enjoyed seeing people lick their plates and look confused as we told them that what they had just devoured was “FREE” of all animal products.  Even when we are at the RVA South of James Farmers Market on Saturdays, we enjoy giving our samples and watching the expressions and pure joy spread across peoples faces when they begin to realize that because they either had to give up meat or chose to give up meat, that they don’t have to sacrifice flava’ and satisfaction.

We share not only our food, but resources that will help you navigate the sometime confusing and overwhelming vegetarian scene.

Because trying to figure it out on your own is not fun.  And really, you shouldn’t have to.  Especially with us here to help you out.  We truly care about helping you live a fulfilling and exciting (yes, exciting) vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.  Through our weekly videos, food products, contests, and webinars, you’ll be exposed to a different side of living meat-free and meet some cool people along the way!  We’re not talking about us 🙂

We’re talking about all of the other vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians that are a part of the awesome Vegtabowl Foods community.
Whenever we create a new Vegtabowl Foods item, post a new video, have a contest, or stumble upon a new vegetarian resource that we think you would love, our newsletter subscribers are the first to get the low down.
Vegetarianism has been in our lives for the past 20+ years and things have changed so much.  We are still figuring it out just as much as you are.  Sharing goes both ways so if you have a question or want to share what’s on your mind feel free to hit us up.  We would love to hear from you and connect with you.


Want to Learn More?  Check Out Our FAQs .

About Saber & Sunny

Meet Our Furry Children

Saber – I am Saber but I’ve been called “Saber Cat” (by Ebony’s nephew) and “Sabers” (by Ebony’s cousin).  I am pretty lazy and enjoy hanging out in the recliner or sprawled out on the bed on my favorite comforter. It feels so nice and soft and just makes me want to nap all day.  Hey!  I’ve been napping at least 23 hours a day for the past 13 years and as the saying goes…”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  I like talking and snuggling up in my parent’s personal space (laying on them, sitting on them, or even following them around the house) and eating 6 small meals a day (hey – it helps with the metabolism).

Sunny – I am Sunny, sometimes confused with being “The King of the Jungle” because of all of my fur…but I am as gentle as a lady bug and I love being petted, especially on my head.  I am not in the house as much because I love the outdoors.  Harry found me almost 9 years when I was 6 weeks old. I was abandoned, dirty, and battered and Harry heard me meowing outside under the porch and he found me.  I wasn’t in the best shape so Harry and Ebony took me to the vet, fixed me up, and I haven’t been able to get rid of them since.  I like prowling the backyard, keeping stray cats away, and being loved until I drool.

Our Food

Welcome To A Delicious World of Meat-Free & Dairy-Free Food Options

  • Searching for delicious & easy to prepare vegetarian meals?

Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods not only provides you with meat-free foods, but also dairy-free food options that are suitable for vegans and people who are allergic to dairy products or eggs.

Diverse Range of Foods Delivered Directly To Your Doorstep

With a variety of entrees, sides, and desserts to choose from, and new delectable delights being added every month, their isn’t a shortage of healthy & appetizing meals at Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods. Just shop the aisles and you will definitely find something new and exciting for you and your family to enjoy.

No Fret, Easy Prep

  • Who has time to cook, let alone prepare a healthy vegetarian meal for your family?

Veg-Ta-Bowl frozen foods fits very nicely in to your busy schedule. Our foods are super easy to prepare. Once you receive your Veg-Ta-Bowl foods, all you do is pop your food in the oven or cook on the stove top, and you have a delicious vegetarian meal that you will be proud to serve your family. We offer single and family sized portions that are carefully packaged in convenient containers. Our family sized portions are perfect for families of all sizes and the best part is, the portions are generous, so you can have left-overs to take for lunch or have for dinner the next night (“left-over disclaimer” – Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods are very tasty so you may not have any left-overs.)

Select Ingredients

Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods uses quality vegetables, grains, legumes, and other plant-based ingredients when making our foods. We know that when you prepare meals for your family that you would use only the finest ingredients so we wouldn’t expect you to settle for less than the best when enjoying Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods. We use local produce and organic ingredients when available and best of all our foods are meat-free which makes them animal-cruelty free!

It Takes A Village

Every quarter YOU determine which organizations receives a portion of Veg-Ta-Bowl profits. Veg-Ta-Bowl Foods will make a donation every 3 months to a non-organization that either:

  • Fights Hunger
  • Cracks Down On Animal-Cruelty
  • Supports Animal Rights
  • Supports Thriving Small Businesses
  • Spreads The Word of Vegetarianism